The best Royalty memes

​With, obviously, the utmost respect...



One does not simply...

​Sean Bean has a lot to answer for.

Other nations just don't understand us!

​There are parts of British culture that others just don't get...and it's probably not surprising at all.


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Family Meeting

​Let's do the usual.  First motion - that we never have these meetings again.  Put forward by...me and seconded by?  Anyone?  No?  Yes?  Come on, just this once, please? No?  No-one?  Ok, motion denied.  We'll continue......more

Train Ride

​I recently went by train to New York to beat the traffic but inadvertently opened myself up to mankind.  I usually like mankind, but mankind on a train is different.  This is mankind that can't open a car door or is refused a Driver's Licence because they are too ugly......more


​Try this one - describe a situation you've had at work or school that made you angry and why did it make you angry?  Yes, er...other than this interview.  Are you feeling angry now?......more

​BarkerBites' musings and collected 'best bits' for the Expat is..."The Wag"

The daunting life of an Expat; feeds 'clipped' for the expat's enjoyment; shameless endorsements - it's all here.  Full of interesting morsels to chew over, like the Sunday roast down at the Ferret and Weasel: steamy, over-cooked and piled high, but surprisingly digestible.  So, take a peak and prove your old Primary School teacher wrong: go ahead - read! (inside your head and without using your finger).

Great British comics: The Two Ronnies

​So, that's goodnight from me...and it's goodnight from him.


Answers to a question that should never have been asked

​Q. "What is something we Brits do that particularly annoy you and your Country's people?"

The British Public

​Amusing, proud, industrious, cool and eccentric - 24 pictures that sum it all up.


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Odd, ridiculous or outdated British laws that still exist

​With thanks and credit to Buzzfeed.


Brake Lights. No, seriously - brake lights.

​In the land of riches and plenty it appears that we've found a bastion of moderation as if the designers in Detroit, with pudgy palms and rounded shoulders raised couldn't possibly.......more

Pharmaceutical Disclaimer

​Pharmaceutical companies - just the phrase alone makes your sphincter clench, but apparently their products can also have the same effect......more

Handkerchiefs - OMG they're perfect!

​Given that Mum did all the clothes washing by hand and tissues were far too frivolous to spend her house-keeping on, I'm guessing there were times that Dad paraded along the beach with a pile of snot on his head......more


The World Cup: There it was - gone.

​A Lion cull is never popular, but now's the time.


Problems that are peculiarly British

​With thanks and credit to Buzzfeed.

Lessons from a hairy man

​He was a dead car moving machine.  He probably didn't even need his tow truck - he could have done it with his bare hands (actually his hands were hairy too - on both sides)......more



Car Trouble

​You've moved abroad, taken the plunge and unless you're as nimble on your feet as Mo Farah you're going to need a car to get around - but be careful what you buy.  I wasn't and my car hates me......more

Office Memos

​The Company advisory memo incorrectly replaced the word "down" with the word "up"...the inhabitants of all six floors were left wondering what the repercussions of not dressing up would be and just how far their office neighbours would go to impress on dress-up Friday......more


A great British comic: Kenneth Williams

​Oh, stop messin' about...



The best office notes

​No point in talking to a work colleague when you can leave a snarky note instead.


Things British people are tired of hearing

​With thanks and credit to Buzzfeed.


Utterly delightful things you only find in Britain

​With thanks and credit to Buzzfeed.


Gift Giving

It's true; birthday and Christmas rituals are somewhat diminished run-of-the-mill affairs until we open a present that has been flown in from what must be, the world's worst gift giver.......more

Brit News


Meanwhile in England...

​It's what makes the English, English.


Somebody's been messing with the Tube

​Unnofficial signs on the underground have been causing a wry smile with commuters. With thanks and credit to Prosign /Tumblr.



The most 'British' things that have ever happened

​With thanks and credit to Buzzfeed.

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A Happy Drunk

​I used to be a six, now I'm a four.  Actually a long time ago I used to be an eight - but that was way back in my college days.  Almost everybody swaggered around back then saying they were a seven or an eight - and I don't mean seven namby pamby ones.......more

The best footy memes

​There's just so much to make fun of...

Bringing back British slang

​The Queens English is better when served with slang and curious references - do your part here.