​You'd have to sell your limited edition Wombles collection to afford a flight ticket; you never returned that Black and Decker to your Uncle Bob before you skipped town; frightened you won't understand your Nephew's grunty lingo any more?  All good reasons why you haven't been home in a while.  Never fear - indulge yourself here instead. Open a bag of flight nuts and spill hot coffee on your lap - you'll feel the miles disappear beneath you.


While we have you practically oozing with nostalgia - we need your help finding the quintessential British pub outside of good old Blighty. We need you to be pub super-sleuths and report in to our B.E.E.R. (British Expats Enjoying Refreshment) page - off you go!

Brit News

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British Food!

Ok, so maybe it's not the first thing you want to remember but here's the better side of British cuisine: check out these traditional British recipes.  Send us your own and we'll post them for all to enjoy!

British Countryside

From stunning coasts to sleepy villages to desolate highlands - yes, we miss it too.

The British Pub

There's good, bad and ugly ones, but it's what a lot of Expats miss most of all: the familiarity of being down the local.

British Urban Areas

For all the city folk - remember the smells,

the traffic, the hussle

and bussle - ah, good

times, good times.

​Is your accent fading? Here's some reminders of 'home.'