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  1. Laverbread Cakes - served with bacon for breakfast.


  1. Leek Soup - A delicious white soup that can be served hot or cold.


Main Course

  1. Celebration Lamb - a lamb and asparagus dish for 'special' occasions!
  2. Steak and Kidney Pudding - One of the all-time greats of English cooking.
  3. ​Fisherman's Stew - containing a variety of fish and shellfish - this one comes from the Gower.


  1. Apple Pasties - Individual puff pastry apple turnovers.
  2. ​Flapjacks - Deliciously soft and moist.

Tea Time

  1. Ayrshire Shortbread - A golden brown vanilla shortbread treat.

Traditional British Recipes

Below you'll find a collection of English, Scottish and Welsh traditional dishes that can still hold their own today. You'll find everything from apple pasties to flapjacks to leek soup and steak and kidney pud and a whole lot more in between.  We'll keep adding and you can too - just send us your favourite British recipes and we'll share them with your fellow expats!  Yum.


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