The Pub Scoring sheet:

Pub Name                                                                                                                                            
Date and Time visited

Drinkers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Total             Weighting             Adjusted Total  

Beer Selection

x 1 =
Non Beer Selection

x 1 = 
Service / Staff

x 1 =
Menu / Food

x 1 =
Overall Ambiance / Feel

x 1 =
Bar / Bar Stools

x 0.8 = 
Tables / Chairs

x 0.8 =
Armchairs / Couch / Lounge

x 0.8 =

x 0.8 =

x 0.8 =
Pub Sign

x 0.8 =

x 0.8 =
Games / Darts

x 0.8 =
Beer Garden

x 0.8 =
Decor / Pictures / Trinkets

x 0.8 = 
Live Music (potential)

x 0.8 =

x 0.6 = 

x 0.6 = 
Extras / Something Special

x 0.6 =
Glassware / Serviceware

x 0.6 =
Distractions (eg. TV. Score high for none)

x0.6 = 

Total Possible score =No.ofdrinkersx168=

Total Score as % of possible score =Totaldividedbyposs.totalx100


No. of B.E.E.R BARRELS0-50%=151-65%=266-80%=381-95%=496-100%=5

​So, we all know we're a pretty social bunch and most of us would like to think we'd recognise a great gathering place if we stumbled in (or out) of one.  So here's your chance to share your pub recommendations with your Expat comrades (unless of course you'd like to keep your new pub to yourself and avoid any fellow British Riff-Raff as you savour the local Brews and treats).  The more obscure the location, the more hidden the Gem - the better....and we've got some guidelines and tools to help you rate your local so we can compare the 'Beer Barrel Rating' in Bombay to the rating of The Salty Sailor in Sydney.  So what are you waiting for?...go, drink, review and report! It's your round and 6 million Expats are thirsty.



Here's what we need you to do:

​1.  Print this page so you can have the scoring sheet below with you when you go out to a pub in Sydney, Paris, Cairo, Cape Town.....wherever (and read the 'notes' at the bottom also).

2.  Go alone, go with your significant other or with a bunch of lager swilling Cricket players - whatever takes your fancy - go to what you suspect to be a British style pub or a pub that might be of interest to other expats and as you enjoy your hours there, score the pub using the B.E.E.R. pub rating system on the scoring sheet below.

3. After you sober up, do some quick calculations as described below and come up with a score on the 1 - 5 'B.E.E.R. Barrels' system - the more Barrels the better the pub! (5 would be the elusive perfect pub).

4.  Use the 'Contact Us' page or the expat regional pages to tell us where you went, what you saw, your Barrel Rating and send us some photos of you imbibing.  We'll post them all in the Expat regional pages listed to the right as a fountain of knowledge for all others to see.

​British Expats Enjoying Refreshment (B.E.E.R.)

Brit News

Drinkers: put your initials in a green space.  Then score all of those criteria (in yellow) out of 10 - put your numbers in your column.

Total up everyone's scores into the blue column, then multiply those totals by the 'weighting factor' to get the true totals.

Add that column of true totals up to get the number in purple.

Work out (in pink) the Total Possible Weighted Score that could have been given to this pub (trust us on the 168 number).

Work out the total score as a percentage of the possible score (follow the colours!) and record it in the peach box.

​Then lastly compare that percentage to the 'No. of Barrels' percentages - and that's your Barrel score for the pub! I knew you could do it!