Your expat regional pages:

Anything interesting you tell us: messages, comments and photos (along with everything we find out about you!) is posted on the following pages.  we've divided the world up into eight ex-pat chunks.  If any of you have moved to the Arctic or Antarctic, sorry there's no room for you here...but if you contact us, we'll give you a page all to yourselves. We can't say fairer than that.

Expats in Europe (or mainland Europe, whatever) enter here.

Expats in North and Central America (we lumped you all together).

Expats in the Caribbean (this is where a lot of us get jealous).

Expats in South America (Football fans we're guessing).

Expats in Africa (it's a big place, we know) - here's your page.

Expats in The Middle East (sun worshipers, no doubt).

Expats in Asia (proud of you re. the IPA thing) - here you go.

Expats in Asia-Pacific (also known as down under plus extras).


...and are we all similar in some way?

An article in The Age (yes, we know it's Australian) says that:


"Expats in general are friendly.  They want to meet you and know your story.  They're fun to be around.  They're people who "do" rather than plan.....Expats tend to be adventurous, to be risk takers. The ones you meet living overseas are the ones who are prepared to take a punt on things working out for the best.  They'll jump in the back of that tuk-tuk.  They'll eat at that restaurant.  They'll board that boat."

Does that sound like you?  I think it might. Read more here.

Where are we?

An estimated 5.5 million of us live permanently abroad - that's almost one in ten of the UK population. Believe it or not, some 2000 British Citizens moved permanently away from the UK every week in 2005! Were you one of them?

Of course as British people we have a habit of going anywhere and everywhere (sometimes uninvited!) but here are our top countries of choice and how many of us are there right now:

​1.  Australia                  1,300,000

2.  Spain                       761,000

3.  United States            678,000

4.  Canada                     603,000

5.  Ireland                     291,000

6.  New Zealand             215,000

7.  South Africa              212,000

8.  France                      200,000

So, find yourself on our regional pages then get in touch and tell us just what it's like being an expat in your neck of the woods.

You are not alone.  There are millions of us and we're all over the place - and that fact is apparently so important that The Institute for Public Policy Research (yeah, right, as if that isn't a made up name) has actually tracked all of us down and written an enormously expensive report and filled it with pretty pictures - some of which (along with BarkerBites' own ever-so-non-scientific thoughts and your feedback and input) are presented for

British Expats - we're everywhere (well, except Britain).

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