You sent Piers Morgan. We will never forget, and we will never forgive.


When you get shocked and pop your monocles.

Stop that.


...and a notable response:

I cannot begin to explain how many monocles I've lost because of this. It's irritating because whenever I go to watch a scary movie I need to take at least 5-6 spare monocles. The further downside is that because of the extra monocles, I can only carry half of the amount of teabags that one would generally require during a night out.


Can you guys take the walking pug that is Chef Ramsay back? The guys got like 5 tv shows here and it's insanity...

Then I see his British shows and he's suddenly a reasonable man? Come on.


...and a notable response:


Gordon Ramsay in the UK: You gotta concentrate on the Wellington mate.


You do not produce enough Top Gear, Doctor Who or Attenborough documentaries. Get cracking.


​Damn near every time I watch British television "meat pies" are mentioned. Meat pies sound like pure joy.  I can't find meat pies in the States. Quit hogging all the meat pies.


Not keeping a map of where you dumped all those thousands of mines 70 years ago in the north sea. Seriously - we're still picking them up, the least you could do is tell us where they are.

- Norwegian with a boat.


Units of measure.

America: imperial all the things!

Everybody else: metric all the things!

British: why not both?


What I have found with British people is that when you make plans in the future, that doesn't actually mean they will turn up. Making plans and agreeing to it is just a sign that they are interested. You need to prompt them.


Taking an Easyjet to Amsterdam over the weekend, get hammered, sleep in the streets and pee against my front door.


​Answers to a question that should never have been asked.

A thread on 'Reddit' asked "What is something we Brits do that particularly annoy you and your country's people?"

​Here's the best of the replies from around the world...


As a Canadian....nothing. Love our cousins across the pond.


Well played Canada, well played.


French here, two things annoy me to no end about British people:

1) Your mother was a hamster.

​2) Your father smelt of elderberries.

​(leo el)

Putting your faces on our money. I'm Canadian and not looking forward to when Prince Charles' ugly mug is on my change.


Eating half-naked and completely sun-burnt (I'm talking 'Nice red Dr. Lobster' here) in restaurants / bars while on vacation.

Edit for clarification: I am in no way offended about the half naked aspect. But please, grab a shirt at least while eating. The colour of your sunburn doesn't match well with the bolognese sauce dripping down your chest-hair...


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