Brit News

Carrots on sticks.  Photographed in 1941 when rationing meant children had to settle for less appetizing treats than they were used to.

​It's a good job these two kids can't read.

The rake and umbrella regiment.

​We've actually no idea what's going on here.

​Just a usual encounter for the number 73 bus to Richmond.

An intrepid RAF pig.

Yes, this really is from the RAF archives.

The Marquess of Bath and Marquis, The Lion.

Most of us went to Longleat as kids.  What a thrill to have the baboons rip the trim off your car. Good times.

War time neighbours still finding time for a chat over the garden fence. Excellent.

​Dapper gentlemen in the sea (well, almost) at Thanet.

​Oh, how times have changed.

The Brighton Swimming Club of 1863.

Notice the especially tall top hat in the middle...and Jethro Tull in the front.

A Rolls Royce on Carnaby Street in 1968.

Pretty sure the bloke in the cravat (nice one) is not interested in the car.

​A woman drinking tea during the blitz.

​Proof that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can't be made just a little bit better by a good cup of tea.

A hypnotised driver in Torquay, January 15th 1960.

Hypnotist Henry Blythe claimed to have helped 40 new drivers to pass their driving test.

"Look into my eyes, not above the eyes, not around the eyes, but into my eyes..."

The British public: amusing, proud, industrious, cool and eccentric. Some history here in 24 pictures....


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The Beatles play to 18 people in Aldershot on 9th Dec 1961.

Make that 16 - the two on the left are leaving.

...and there is nothing more British than a little boy, with a short back and sides haircut, pulling his London bus in front of...a London bus.

A beggar runs alongside King George V's coach in 1920.

The King says "No thank you my good man, I already have a hat."

​Ducks getting the royal treatment at Buckingham Palace in the 60's.

The Beatles going for a ride at Weston-Super-Mare in 1963.

The animals look less than impressed.

A cycling club.

What, no lycra and spandex...and what happens at the end of the road? Do they all just fall over?

Prince Charles and a guilty looking Corgi.

Where were the parents when this was happening?

The '59 Club' - a motorbike gang based in the east end of London.  It started out as a Church of England-based youth club and went on to play a key role in the birth of the 'rockers' sub culture.

The lady in the back is not impressed with those bikes on her clean floor.

A down to earth cobbler.

​Window shop for your eggs and butter and get your shoes fixed at the same time - magic.

​Space Hopper astronauts in Glasgow in 1970.

Wonder where these 50+ year old's are now...and are they still mates?

The 'World Unicorn' being built at Wallsend Shipyard on Tyneside in 1973.

Cricket in top hats in 1920.

The boundary doesn't look very far (!) and the cameraman must be playing second slip.

​Welsh women at tea.

Think they borrowed the hats from the cricketers above.