​Bunter - any grossly overweight youth. From a fictional Schoolboy, Billy Bunter (see picture below)

Claggy - wet and uncomfortable, referring to clothes.

King Dicky - a bricklayer. Rhyming slang: King Dickie = Brickie  = Bricklayer (not what you were thinking).

Gobslutch - a person with disgusting or filthy personal habits.

Early door - a prostitute. Rhyming slang: Early door = whore = prostitute.

Nadgers - small problems or difficulties (always plural).

Palsy-walsy - excessively friendly. As in 'she's a bit palsy-walsy, isn't she?

Rattle and clank - a bank. Rhyming slang.

Day after the fair - when it's too late. As in 'thanks for showing up, but you're a bit day after the fair'.

Booed and hissed - intoxicated due to drink. Rhyming slang: Booed and hissed = pissed = drunk.

Doodad - someone or something for which the correct name has been forgotten.

Spud-grinder - the gullet. As in 'Ooh, that was a punch to the spud-grinder'.

Three-piece suite - the male sexual organ. That's pretty self explanatory.

Unmentionables - underwear. Said Vera Duckworth or Les Dawson-ish.

Housemaid's knee - the sea. Rhyming slang. Like it, but couldn't find the derivation.

House of Lords - a men's toilet. Possibly from: Lords and Ladies, Ladies and Gents....

Creaking gate - an invalid who neither recovers nor gets worse.

Alf's peed again - Be seeing you. From the German 'auf wiedersehen.' That's funny.

Splash the boots - to urinate.

Raquel Welch - a belch. Rhyming Slang. As in 'oops, 'scuse me - that was just a Raquel' (see picture below).

Max someone - to confuse someone. As in 'this test has maxed me out.'

Ice cream - man. Rhyming slang: Ice cream (freezer) = geezer = man.

Happy as Larry - carefree, very happy. Not sure who Larry was.

Ground bones - powdered milk.

Giggle factory - lunatic asylum. That's a bit harsh, but you get the picture.

Mow the lawn - to shave with an electric razor.

Half a nicker - vicar. Rhyming slang.

Set the Thames on fire - to make a great success in life, etc. As in 'not sure if England will set the Thames on fire at the World Cup.'

Uppers and downers - the teeth...inside the north and south, mouth.

Turnip-basher - a rustic individual, a country bumpkin (but not us folks from Devon).

​and lastly a Lionel Blair - a chair, or a Lionel Blair-cut - a disastrous hair cut. Obviously (and there he is below).


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British Slang and Colloquial Expressions

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